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Excerpts From a Future Past

by Hällas

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He had walked the Earth for a thousand years He had sworn to the brotherhood of the astral seers The oath of future tellers They say he dwells on the mountain tall Once sentenced to death, for holding stars as thrall Yet wandering the lands Bereft of his soul on the rivers of the Netherworld As the scorching waves whirled He had passed through the tall gates, As an empty shadow The legends still told of his astral spells Surpassed of all known, the universe he held The fate of all mankind If find him you must, a hooded presence you seek Under the nebula, on the highest peak Traverse into forests and wastelands vast And ask the oracle of the future past Foretell of my future, oh what dost thou see? Oh, wisest of men, what dost life hold for me? As my quest for answers now has begun You will search the Earth for the astral seer You will lose all your loved ones, whom you hold dear A pursuit of revelations Your above will become an illusion sky Beholding the stars, as life will pass you by And you may not return
Repentance 05:15
Tyrant, words can't describe you The violence you brought on her Now her silence tells me all I need to hear Who are you? Expose any of this No one will forgive you Thy nightmare has come Don't look back Shadows grow if hate is given Tears will fall, but don't let him take you deeper An arrow that's forged in the fire of spite can split the heart of the most evil knight Tighten the bow and let go of your pain a shot of relief goes away A seed into the earth once planted grew into a poisoned tree The Crown darkened the soil ruined the ground with its roots and leaves No living ever came near in fear of hate and death the plague it spread Til one day the gods had enough Lightning struck, and burned it down This time the seekers of vengeance have found you Facing the beast you’ve become Friends of all those you’ve done wrong Outnumbered, surrounded by justice Their will be done Thy nightmare begun When the final dusk is near voices will not disappear they will follow you to rest When you're left there on the shore not allowed to cross the water for a hundred years or more You will beg for their forgiveness
The moon was bowing to the sun Shifted places, day begun Then the sunbeams laid their hands On the beautiful and damned Singing voices filled the air The wealth inside was never shared Just imagine what it was like a piece of heaven, now it's lost The fire is loose Run and take cover We’re under attack Flee or you die From holes in the stone walls They're coming right for us Brave men now stand up Semyra will fall Blinded by faith I was wrong The holy land’s army’s too strong For glory and pride draw your swords We’ll defend her until we fall The storm sweeps away, lonely Stand here betrayed, ruins Once we stood tall, golden This was my home Screams of pain echo I whisper your name, one last time Once we stood tall, mighty This was my home Now it’s gone The fire is loose Run and take cover We’re under attack the city will fall From holes in the stone walls They're coming right for us Brave men now stand up Semyra will fall, Semyra will fall
Closer, we're getting closer my friend, You guide me on my way The road is tricky and wolves amongst us The light will lead us to the end Will lead us to the Star Rider Star Rider You can't escape your fate Seeking, we have been searching for him The path has lead us here The light’s been swallowed by the shadows No further can we go But our quest stand above We have to find the Star Rider Star Rider You can't escape your fate Star Rider Raised in shadows He betrayed his masters You can't escape your fate Star Rider You can't escape your fate
The landscape shines in silverlight The path he walks holds his future not past A prophet resides in the underworld The man who holds all the answers Surrounded by night, All alone he must fight Soon his fate to be sealed, will he ever return Black vultures, circling, watching you Screaming ghouls, hungry for prey in the dark They're after you Remember everyone whom you hold dear You might make it through the night He knows and he will be there Expecting you He renounced his king, now banished by law In his heart he knows he must prove them wrong No more a slave, a breaker of chains Not afraid to die revealing the truth The gate he must find In the depths of his mind Soon his fate to be sealed Will he ever return The black dessert sleeps under his tired feet an infinite field in the colour of death Keep struggling on brave, brave soldier The gate to the underworld is now unlocked Hurry up! Dangers lurking on forbidden ground Lord of wisdom, could he be found A whole world’s sleeping, enchanted by a lie As dawn approaches, there's not much time In deepest of shadows, where only the dead belong, the knight found himself Evil lingered in every corner, waiting for the one to appear In total silence the knight was stunned by a silhouette, that appeared from the shadows with a dagger in his hand The eyes of the phantom glowed red With a rapid gesture, it raised its blade and struck the knight Our hero was fallen to the ground left all alone in the darkness Was he to be saved?
Illusion Sky 07:52
Have a look over the hills There are mountains far as your eyes reach What's beyond is for your dreams Your illusions are what they are made of There are skies blue as the oceans By the night full of stars and explosions Far away, no chance to get closer Shut your eyes, let the images take you away Everything’s fading, turning around All of your visions wrap you in trance Deep in your mind it is what you seek Realitys waiting soon it is here Closer and deeper you fall into danger He had walked the earth for a thousand years He had sworn to find the keeper of the astral spheres He had wandered the path on the day that was his last And had become but excerpts from a future past


released October 13, 2017


all rights reserved



Hällas Jönköping, Sweden

Swedish hard rock


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